Grab our new control system and you'll be working faster than ever.


Control Software

Our control software is fast, simple, and dependable. It runs on a tablet that is designed to handle the bumps and vibrations from the carrier, and uses a simple touchscreen interface. It's even easier to use than a cellphone - you could use it if you're 17 or 70.


Our system is powered by Neuron Technology, which allows you to fully operate a processor head without the use of a head or cab module. This has made the Cypress system the fastest responding system in the world. Go means go - no delays, and no waiting. It is also extremely simple to retrofit onto old processors - no need for valve modifications or anything fancy. Just rip out your old system, slap ours on, and go.


Every tablet can be linked with the Cypress community, allowing operators to track their production online and compare themselves against other operators around the world. Earn achievements and show others who is the most efficient operator with online statistics and badges.

Contact Us

We are now taking orders.

If you're an equipment manufacturer, call or email us and we will work with you to integrate the Cypress control system into your product portfolio.

If you're a contractor, you can approach your equipment salesman and tell them you want to buy a head (any head) with the Cypress control system on it. The salesman can contact us to make it happen and you can finance it in your machine deal. Alternatively, call us, and we can get things flowing for you.

If you're an operator, you can approach your boss and tell him the system is so easy to use that your productivity will go up. He will finally be able to afford that much needed holiday.

Email Us

Prefer to talk instead? Give us a call toll-free at 1-833-950-1234 or locally at 1-250-819-5382.

About Us

Based in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, Cypress Robotics was formed in 2016 with the goal to revolutionize the forestry industry by reinventing processor head control systems. All of our hardware and software has been designed right here in BC!

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Hardware Engineer

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